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So this is my before and after pics! “Before” are not from my highest weight which was 62,5 kg but I forgot all about taking a picture.:i

Before pic: 59 kg(Feb. 20th 2013)
After pic: 50 kg(May 20th 2013)

Besides the Kilos, I also went down in sizes, from a D80 in brah to a B70. My pants went from a M to a XS-S and other clothes went from M(some even L), to mostly XS but also S.. So yeah oh and I also went from a bad mood and bad health to a new happy and kick ass healthy me!

Now I just wanna get even more fit and tone mah body! ;)

So much inspiration.

not sure if I’ve reblogged this already, but if I have it’s worth reblogging again!

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